Goss II : Cassel

Peacekeeping Support

Despite significant gains in the past, the GOSS Region continues to be troubled by conflict and instability.

Enhancing the ability of GOSS bordering will contain the spread of conflict, crisis and possible training grounds for terrorist networks.

This stabilization effort could not be accomplished without airlift assets, and TURMA was contracted by UEE government to provide  a Constellation and crew. All flight raskings originate directly from the UEE Embassy in Cassel. Area of operations includes  the full Landscape of Goss II. 

On a 24-hr a day basis, TURMA performs a wide range of task at the direction of Embassy personnel. These tasks are intended to support the wider peace effort and bring Cassel through this period of post-conflict transition. At Embassy direction, TURMA:

  • Provides transport of personnel, food and other items.
  • Supports the Government of GOSS
  • Assists Cassel in the political process
  • Transports officials from regional state

Provides limited Airborne surveillance to facilitate the monitoring of any movement of armed rebels.

  • Provides support to humanitarian and relief organizations at the direction of Embassy
  • Provides support to the UEC Bank
  • Provided support for the GOSS election
  • Provided support for the Disarmament and demobilization effort
  • Provides support to higher level UEE military personnel
With TURMA’s current work in GOSS, the company has worked the entire conflict-post conflict/transition cycle within one region. Throughout, GOSS’s teams have shown the flexibility, maturity and experience to play an important role in bringing peace to GOSS, and further UEE policy in the region.

Ellis Systems

NO Location Data 

TURMA was awarded the ACRS Program Support contract to provide logistical and aviation support to the UEE Marines in support of the Crises Response Initiative in Ellis. TURMA was to provide 24/7 rapid response capabilities in support of UEE Marine Mission directives and objectives. 

The primary mission of TURMA was to provide immediate medical evacuation response to the UEE Department of Defense units conducting the training of the Ellis Defense Forces in Peacekeeping operations. TURMA took on additional immediate response taskings by the UEE Mission in ELLIS to support humanitarian aid assessments and efforts in some regions.

After the first bombing the threat level in ELLIS IV was raised and TURMA took on additional missions in support of the UEE Ambassador and the UEE military force commander. The depth of capabilities and inherent flexibility of the organization allowed TURMA to respond to the variety of tasks and missions. 

Security became the main focus of effort and TURMA’s resources and personnel played a key role in that effort. 
Missions, such as route reconnaissance, emergency deployment of personnel and equipment, force protection assessments and security surveys and observation operations were added on a daily basis.The UEE Embassy recognized the value of TURMA during this period of crises and uncertainty and as a result the UEE Ambassador gave special recognition to TURMA as a “total team player”. 

The professional multi-national make-up of TURMA gave the organization the strength and experience needed to meet the complex challenges of this multi-national operation. TURMA not only met the operational 
requirements of the mission, they exceeded the expectations of even the most seasoned veterans of rapid response operations in ELLIS IV. TURMA’s years of experience operating in hostile high risk environments proved to be invaluable in executing the ever-changing missions in ELLIS System

At the conclusion of the mission in ELLIS, TURMA had provided multiple life saving emergency evacuations, humanitarian relief operations, immediate response logistical support, VIP security protection, and emergency contingency missions that far exceeded the initial scope of the project. Safety, flexibility and professionalism were the cornerstones of mission success for TURMA in ELLIS.